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33 Redwood Ave
James Ryan
Welcome, Suzie Smith! Thank you for choosing to visit Larkspur. Home is where the heart is and we are so grateful to be able to share ours with you. We hope your stay is relaxing, joy-filled and memory-making. In our welcome packet, you will find all the information you might need for your stay. From the WiFi password to the best taco stand around, we have you covered! Thank you again for staying at Larkspur. Hopefully it’s something to write home about. Sincerely, James
James Ryan

Check-In Time



Park on street

Entry Instructions

Key under mat

Passwords & Codes


The stove is gas


Fruit trees. Grab your lemons

House Rules & Contacts

House rules

No rules

Emergency Contacts

Just me

A Few of Our Favorite Things...

Outdoor Recommendations

Food, Dining & Restaurant Recommendations

Shopping & Destination Recommendations

Culture Recommendations

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Checking Out

Check Out Time

3 pm

Clean Up

No clean up required


Toss laundry on the floor.


So long (for now), Suzie, and safe travels! We hope you had a wonderful stay and that your path leads you back to [Property Name] soon. To make planning your departure a bit easier, we’ve included the names of & distances to the nearest transportation hubs. [Name of Nearest Airport] is roughly a [X Minute/Hour] drive from here. [Name of Second Nearest Airport] is roughly an [X Minute/Hour] drive. Be sure to check traffic updates just in case! Please take a look at our Guest Book on the following page for former guest reviews and messages. We would so love for you to leave your mark and share your favorite memory from Larkspur, too. Thank you,Suzie! Sincerely, James
James Ryan